Barrio Centro Neighborhood Mural Project

A neighborhood civic engagement mural celebrating the life, people, ecology and history of Barrio Centro in Tucson, Arizona.


Barrio Centro Mural Neighborhood Input

Diane, German and Martin
At the September neighborhood neighborhood meeting we met to brainstorm some ideas for our mural. We also set up a booth at the annual fiesta on October 2nd. The fiesta was a blast as you can see from the images. Combined we already have input from more than 30 neighbors.

Here are the voices Barrio Centro residents;

“My family is an extension of the neighborhood. What is important to us is developing community, feeling safe, knowing our neighbors, security, trees, wild life and birds, local businesses, family, picking up trash and litter, walking dogs, helping each other, watching out for each other, maintaining a safe place for kids to play, having quietness from the train noises, home, good morals, trains, children, the good appearance of the Barrio, history of the old neighborhood. Keeping with the history of Barrio Cento. Our house was built in 1939 and the house just south of us was built in the1980’s. Everyone being nice to you, and friendly.”

Sights, Smells and Sounds

Flowers, Music, Food.
Mountains, all colors, kids practicing softball, roasting chili’s at Food City, the roadrunner.
We hear trains, bicyclists, airplanes.
Trees, Carne Asada on weekends, Luck Wishbone, nice homes and yards.
Zoo Animals and Birds, traffic on 22nd Street, the smell of palm trees, mowed grass at the park and wild flowers.
Cookouts, mesquite grills around the neighborhood. Seeing fireworks.
Chinese restaurant smells,
Birds, raptors and ducks from Reid Park, Puesto’s good local restaurant.
Children playing, old time music,
The smell of rain, mariachi music, blue and red colors of the neighborhood.

Specific Ideas

Something with a train, since we live next to the main train yard.
Gather photographs of residents, with captions about each person (post to blog and/or use in the design).
Diversity of our neighborhood. I think it would be nice to have in the mural a scene which includes all the ethnic backgrounds of our neighborhood. There is a song by U2 where the lyrics read” where all the colors bleed into one”. And it seems all races in Barrio Centro seem to get along.

Rose Handing out gifts at the celebration.


Speeding Cars, Better Grocery Store, Nose Pollution, Security, Need Street Lights.
The trains are too loud, especially when they blow the horns at 2:30am.

Tempest and the students from Howenstine HS face painting at the celebration.

Favorite Places

I like the yard of my house. I’m trying to make it look nice.
My house because my family is always there every Sunday.
My house, the Bike Paths.
Golden Phoenix
Fiesta Market – I love that there is an independent market with fresh food, beer and tortillas.
The jogging track along aviation because I like to exercising late at night.
big old trees along the bike path,
Railroad Trains
My family and yard, the trees, flowers, nature and peaceful place

TAB Table at Annual Fiesta

Bristol Park

Kids planning in park, it’s nice to see, memories of walking to the park, playing with children. I grew up playing in Bristol Park. Lots of good memories such as playing basketball, baseball and picnics. I come with my dogs to play ball. You can meet new people.

The ladies of Barrio Centro sporting new BC tees.

Reid Park
Proximity to Reid Park and the Zoo, a nice place to relax. I run 3-4 mornings a week and the park is quiet and peaceful.

The celebration included music, food, dancing and health check ups.

Historical Time Line ( in progress – we need your help!)

1939 1433 S Winmor Built

___ Eastmore Division Built

___ El Campo Estates Built

___ Bristol Park created

___ 1950’s Richie’s Drive In Opens

___ 1980’s Richie’s Drive In Closes

___ Lucky Wishbone Opens

___ Barraza/ Aviation Parkway Built – some street closures

___ Reid Park Built

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