Barrio Centro Neighborhood Mural Project

A neighborhood civic engagement mural celebrating the life, people, ecology and history of Barrio Centro in Tucson, Arizona.


Our Project has Started!

After many months of preparation and careful planning mural design workshops have started every Tuesday from 3-5pm at Howenstien High School. We have a great core group of youth and more kids are coming each week.

We have been working on developing ideas for the mural , as well as reviewing the elements of art and principles of design. The design ideas we have developed are based on input gathered from neighbors over the past few months. Some of those constant themes are trains, airplanes, sports, parks and bicycles.

Last week we had our first class visit from German Quiroga, who described the neighborhood and answered students questions. In our next session we will be looking at our mural site and documenting what we see in our journals. This site vist is really a chance for kids to take a new look at their neighborhood through the eyes of an artist.

Over the coming weeks we will be creating a to scale design proposal for our mural walls. We will present our design to the Barrio Centro Association in January.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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